For your luxury Mitsubishi Electric Fans


The wind controlled freely to suit your comfort.Quiet and gentle.Reaching every corner of the room.Deliver the comfortable breeze
that brings pleasure and fulfillment to you.


Versatile wind controlled freely as you wish.
A combined fan and air circulator with four-directional freedom of movement.
Make your living space even more refined and comfortable.

Low Acoustic

A quiet, pleasant breeze that reaches every corner of the room.
A unique seven-bladed fan with a winglet form
delivers dramatically quiet operation.
So quiet, you might even forget the fan is on at all.

Extra Winglet Fan

Energy efficient

A DC motor ensures comfortable wind
while also saving energy.

* Rated power of the R12A-D model.
Consumption (±10%)

Two-way style

Pole height is adjustable in two positions.

Looks smart with extendable pole.


Product code
Rated Voltage
220 V
Rated Frequency
50 Hz
Blade Diameter
30 cm / 12 inch
Rated Current (±10%)
0.14 A
Rated Power Consumption (±10%)
13 W
Rated Speed Revolution (±10%)
600 RPM
Air Delivery
20 ㎥ / min
Noise Level
≦ 30 dB(A)
Fan Controller
Level of Control
Remote Control
Oscillation Type
3D Swing
3 sleeps(ON) 24.6 Hours 4 Sleeps(OFF) 124.6 Hours
Child Lock
Sleep Mode
Net Weight
6.0 kg
Gross Weight
7.7 kg
Package Size
W 386 × L 619 × H 264 mm

Details and specification are subject to change without prior notice.
Please ask your local distributor or sales company for color availability.