Eco and the Environment

Hi. My name’s Eco.
I’m here to tell you all about the efforts Mitsubishi Electric Group is undertaking to protect the environment, through its products, factories, and offices.
Let’s talk about how we can all work together to build a greener world.

Helping the environment with better products

Here we look at how Mitsubishi Electric creates environmentally friendly products and technologies by reducing the CO2 emitted when products are used, making products smaller in order to reduce materials usage, and more.

Here at Mitsubishi Electric, our goal is to create new value in four target areas—life, industry, infrastructure, and mobility—and that entire effort is aimed at building a sustainable future. Each product is marked with a symbol denoting which target area it is used in.

#001 Life

A test facility for ZEB technologies

Reducing energy consumption and improving comfort.
Towards a future of zero energy consumption everywhere!

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A demonstration facility for ZEB technologies