Transportation Systems

Transportation Systems

Mitsubishi Electric is contributing to reliable, safe, comfortable railway transportation through innovative solutions such as state-of-the-art products and systems and first-class maintenance and service networks. Focusing on eco-conscious products and manufacturing, the evolution of our energy-saving electronics technologies and system integration for components and systems utilized for all types of rolling stock is never-ending. Today, Mitsubishi Electric railway products and services are being introduced to railway systems in numerous countries around the world.

Product Lineup

Rolling Stock Systems

Mitsubishi Electric products contribute to the realization of safer, more reliable systems that work seamlessly together to provide highly efficient railway transportation. For several decades, the company has been developing and manufacturing components for rolling stock, railway control and management systems and railway station facilities. From propulsion control, traction motor, braking and air-conditioning systems to train operation and information, Mitsubishi Electric's cutting-edge products and service network are expanding internationally, bringing the company to the forefront as a major force in 21st century transportation.

  • Propulsion Control Systems
  • Traction Motors & Drive Equipment
  • Traction Transformer
  • Train Control and Management Systems
  • Auxiliary Power Supply Systems
  • Braking Systems
  • Safety Operational Systems
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Passenger Information Systems
Rolling Stock Systems

Power Supply and Electrification Systems

From main system switchgear to the power control/circuit protection equipment, rectifiers and inverters, Mitsubishi Electric provides power supply and control solutions customized to meet customers' needs. Our power supply and management systems are renowned for their reliability and performance, as well as contributing to exceptional energy savings, eco-conscious operation and safety in railway systems.

  • AC Substation
  • DC Substation
  • Station Energy Saving Inverter(S-EIV)
Power Supply and Electrification Systems