Volume 1 What's for Lunch?

Swabian Ravioli at the Canteen

Mitsubishi Electric Europe – German Branch in Ratingen
May 2017

Valeria Kuhn is working for the Corporate Communications team and responsible for the online presence.

From noon she usually takes a half-hour lunch break in the company canteen, which serves German food as well as Japanese dishes and other fare. On pleasant spring and summer days she enjoys having lunch outdoors in the sunshine.

Valeria, working for the Corporate Communications team, looks forward to lunchtime in the company canteen, where she can relax and chat with her colleagues from other divisions.

Today Valeria opted for a bowl of Swabian ravioli, a regional specialty. She loved the good atmosphere and delicious Maultaschen (sometimes translated as “pasta pockets”).

The company canteen at Mitsubishi Electric's German Branch.

The new German Branch at Mitsubishi-Electric-Platz 1 in Ratingen.

The Rhine Tower and the famous Gehry buildings, designed by the known architect Frank Gehry, in Düsseldorf near Ratingen where the German Branch of Mitsubishi Electric is located.